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AquaTrainer within Medicine and Training

Aquatrainer für Pferde
Aquatrainer for horses
The AquaTrainer shall be considered as an integrated part within the professional medicine of Rehabilitation and Training.
The concept of rehabilitation, which is a well-integrated part of therapy in humanistic medicine, means the restoration to effectiveness or normal life by training, etc. during the convalescing phase after a serious injury or illness.
After treatment in clinics due to serious injuries or illnesses, patients need proper care and attention with an appropriate rehabilitation program to reduce the recovery-time and speedy return to sport events.
The target of rehabilitation is to accelerate the healing process and support the restoration to normal capability - for example by helping to minimize recovery-time for champion racehorses and facilitating earlier return to competition.
The use of an AquaTrainer is a major tool of professional treatment in addition to Laser Therapy, Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy, Warm/Cold Therapy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Natural Medical Treatments, etc. An international expert team - the AIMS (Aqua Evidence In Medicine & Sports Science) is analysing and evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of Training and Therapy by use and application of the medium water. Based on the results of this kind of ongoing studies, we are continually striving to improve our products.

Therapy in a water treadmill:

The heart of each rehabilitation centre is the aqua jogging. Aqua jogging is carried out in a water treadmill, which is installed in a steel container with an access door on floor level. The whole unit is specially designed to be operated in water and equipped with various safety features.
The speed of the treadmill is frequency-controlled for exact speed adjustment as per the requirements by the therapists or users. Furthermore a specially designed pump system including controls is taking care of a proper and quick modification of the water level in the AquaTrainer.
As a variation, there is also the possibility to install a treadmill without container in an existing pool. Nevertheless, adjusting the water level is not possible for this kind of treadmills. Also, the therapist have to be inside the pool to be able to check the details and support the patient.
Aquatrainer im Humanbereich
Aquatrainer for Humans
The operator is able to run the water treadmill by use of a specially designed control panel, which can be connected (optional) to a centralised computer for data exchange with respect to quality assurance and statistics. In this case a digital monitor is storing data on heartbeat rate, speed, time, and water level.
The shock waves produced by the walking patient gets fully absorbed by the side parts and the base frame of the water treadmill to protect the patient from unnecessary shocks.
The treadmill is especially usefull in initial stages on training and rehabilitation to establish a base level of fitness prior to excessive training activities, offering:
  • Exercise in an absolute controlled environment
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Improvement in co-ordination and suppleness without putting stress on the supporting structure of limbs
At the university Freiburg on one of our system, in scientific sudies the pros and cons of aqua therapy get researched on a fundamental level.
On numerous trainees the various factors, e.g. water level, temperature of water, treadmill speed get pre selected and the results in data tables analyzed.
Once basic fitness is achieved, the training effect can be increased by:
  • Working in deeper water
  • Working at a higher regulated speed
  • Working over longer periods of time
  • Working at different intervals (interval training)

Aquatrainer im Humanbereich - Studien
Aquatrainerfor humans - studies
For rehabilitation purposes the water treadmill is used in conjunction with other traditional treatments and therapies such as Magnetic Field Therapy, etc. by offering:

  • Therapeutic treatment with massaging and cooling effect to limbs
  • Allowing joints to be actively moved without concussion helping to regain the normal range of motion
  • Even at low water levels the buoyancy effect experienced dramatically reduces the stress on joints, limbs and tendons
  • Strengthening of the muscular system
  • Increase of the blood circulation and metabolic system
Unterwasserlaufband Humanbereich
under water treadmill for humans
Due to the controlled therapeutic environment, the patient is permitted to be worked on in a therapeutic manner without overloading any muscular or skeletal systems. Therefore the convalescence time gets dramatically reduced.
In comparison to swimming pools, which have been in use for years in clinics and fitness centres, a lot of trainers and therapists today prefer the modern water treadmills for various reasons:
  • Lower unit costs (for supply, construction & utilising)
  • Lower quantity of water is needed
  • Less space is required
  • Required filtration and disinfection is carried out more easily
  • Speed control and monitoring of heartrate possible
  • Adjustable training intensity and therapeutic features, by variation of speed or water level
  • Low risk for the patient during workout or treatment
Unterwasserlaufband Humanbereich
under water treadmill for humans
Summarizing, the water treadmill has far more advantages for the daily work compared to the pool, regarding economics, required space and usability.
Using a water treadmill is nowadays an important component for optimising modern training and rehabilitation of athletes, due to its unique work-out conditions at low stress.
SimpCo Engineering is an office of professional consulting engineers, active in planning, design and project management of complex conveyor systems for numerous years.
Our experience in conveyor systems and treadmill components of global-scale projects is combined with the experience in professional Training and Rehabilitation to develop specialised designed treadmills for increasing the effectiveness of professional Training and optimised treatment in rehabilitation.
We would be glad to be your partner to support you in the planning and projects managements to create solutions for your specific needs.